Testing cylinders with CylinderBoss
CylinderBoss is a paperless productivity App for cylinder testing stations, optimised for Mobile and Desktop.

Save time and improve customer service by reducing manual data entry and automating repetitive tasks.

CylinderBoss has been reviewed and approved for official record keeping by certification bodies such as NZUA, IANZ and Global Mark.

My customers love the fact they get notified in such a timely and professional way

Tony Plank, Dive Zone Tauranga

How it works


Speeds up testing
  • Reduce manual data entry.
  • Automated calculations.
  • Pick from over 4000 cylinder designs.
  • Attach photos to test report.


Customer Focused
  • Pickup notifications.
  • Automated test reminders.
  • Professional looking report.
  • Browse test history.


Reduced overheads
  • Eliminate double data entry.
  • Optimised for mobile, use anywhere in the shop.
  • Quickly find past tests.
  • Sync with accounting systems.


LPG Cylinders
Fire Extinguishers
SCUBA Dive Cylinders
Automotive Cylinders
SCBA Cylinders
Carbon Dioxide
LPG cylinders to be tested

CylinderBoss is suitable for every kind of compressed gas cylinder and supports all common inspections, such as

  • Visual examinations,
  • Hydrostatic stretch testing,
  • Hydraulic proof testing,
  • Mass testing,
  • Neck testing,
  • Valve testing and
  • Eddy-current testing.

Especially bulk testing of many cylinders for the same customer benefits from CylinderBoss.

CylinderBoss contains a database with over 4300 cylinder designs and their specifications. This allows the tester to select the correct cylinder from a list without having to re-enter details for every test.

Great product, easy to use and fantastic service. We needed to get some information, contacted the team at CylinderBoss and they provided me with everything I needed within 30mins.

Claire Murphy, Dive HQ Wellington


Sample screenshots from the mobile version. Please click to enlarge.

Browse list of past inspections.

Search your customer database.

Retrieve cylinder details from database.

Warning when a cylinder design is unsafe to test.

Hydrostatic test form. MPE is calculated automatically.

Automatic PDF inspection report creation.


CylinderBoss has the right pricing plan to suit your business. Transparent and scalable with no hidden fees.

Plans are charged monthly or annually and include unlimited users, unlimited data, and the progressive web app for iPhone, Android, Mac, and Windows.

All tests and tanks are registered under each customer's name. That makes life easy for searching up prior tests and results.

Mark Grey, Get Wet Waikato


CylinderBoss was originally created for Auckland testing station Global Dive to replace the paper based test sheets that were time-consuming to fill in.

After New Zealand certification body NZUA approved it for official record keeping and recommended that every test station should be using it, CylinderBoss was launched as a Software-as-a-Service productivity tool.

What began in 2018 as a simple digital form for one test station, developed into a fully integrated cylinder testing tool that takes care of creating and archiving test certificates as well as communication with clients and data integration with in-house point-of-sale and accounting systems.



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Customer received cylinder test report on mobile phone